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Welcome to Fassment AG/ OYJ


Hello to my best friend and everyone I would like to know that if you have any resources or someone could assist me with the realization, enforcement and development of my business idea. If possible please contact me.


My name is Ali Alizadeh and I am 32 years old. I'm originally from Afghanistan and I was born in Mashhad, Iran, but I currently live in Espoo, Finland. I have cerebral palsy and I am a physically disabled but the rest of my body is working very well. Besides, I have Finnish citizenship.

I have a business idea, but due to the nature of my condition it is difficult for me to personally develop it further. I need someone to develop it with me. However, first I would want to share two things about my project idea with interested people. Therefore, this process will move forward in a clear manner.


The business idea of the Fassment project is related to ICT accessibilities, digital forensic sciences and biometrics authentication for the verification and approvals of the safety service on various levels and managing and monitoring all security aspects of passwords, pin codes and any type of confirmation codes for government, legal, financial, social media communications and private sectors on all smart devices for definition, design and set up a new access system in accordance with the one standard in the world.



I would like to know who could help me with my big business idea. I would need assistance with the realization, enforcement and development of the project. Opportunities, for example firstly, if we can go through the department service to people with disabilities and the elderly population in the US General Services Administration, which will be very good for us to take forward with this idea.


The first thing I need for developing my accessibility and authentication project so that it can be presented to potential acquirers is a project leader.

The project leader's tasks would include clarification of the project's overall picture and helping me developing it in the future. The idea of the project is to help people with various disabilities use information technology authentication services and technical user interfaces in an easier manner, by combining services under a single identification system. The system could work with the aid of various biometric identifiers or, for example, via motion-based systems.


In reality the development of my big business idea is uncertain. I do not know where I can find a capable and a completely reliable project leader for the realization, enforcement and the future.


I would like to know who could help me with my big business idea. I would need assistance with the realization, enforcement and development of the project. Opportunities, for example firstly, if we can go through the department service to people with disabilities and the elderly population in the US General Services Administration, which will be very good for us to take forward with this idea.


First of all, I would like to speak about the situation of my life if I could. It assists you to have a real clear image in terms of my current situation. 


I have to inform you that currently I am looking for some donations, grants, financing, funding, and start-up or crowdfunding etc. for my big business project, innovative ideas for realization, enforcement and development of the project opportunities. If you could assist me with my financial situation, I would be very thankful. It would enable me to quickly conduct my business projects according to my own thoughts regarding my special and exceptional situation.


If someone can donate a sum of money as a gift to me, so that I can use it to further my project, I will appreciate it very much. Because I am physically disable no one is willing to help me to make my dreams come true and also my project is the only thing I have to look forward to. I hope that if you offer me such opportunity you will never regret it in your entire life.


Oh, my God please help me with my financial situation. It seems that if someone comes to help he wants to take all my royalties but I am not willing to give all to them. I want someone who is willing to sacrifice him/herself so that we can develop this project together.




This is my big innovative project ideas:


Around 5-8 years ago when I was studying at a special needs school of Järvenpää, Finland, I realized the difficulties some of the students encountered to access their accounts. Those students with physical disabilities had to actually tell their passwords to the nurses or educators so they could type in the password in order to log onto their accounts. At the times, I also had this problem which made me think that there should be a better way of logging into than using the conventional typing of passwords. The idea of Fassment has been starting for development since ever.


In order to increase the security and keep the privacy for the people with special needs and managing all aspects of privacy of passwords or pin codes, I have started developing the idea to replace the conventional methods with a new way of password management system. This will also help those with special needs not to forget their passwords.

Utilizing such a technology shall also increase the accessibility of the accounts without having to actually typing in the password. The password should not exist nor should it repeat, otherwise it may increase the risks of being revealed or hacked.


Once the password is generated and used then it can be removed. It can be based on geographical location, date and time, or even climate of the region where the user is located. Within the help of intelligent cryptography and other electronic advancements the secourity can be even further increased.


This may however require a cooperation between several security and communication institutions in order to establish a common standard for a more common practical use. Nevertheless a local solution can be an excellent base to start from which is I am aiming for at the first steps.


With the recent advances in facial recognition technologies, voice and command recognition,and already existing fingerprint recognition, user authentication shall not be an issue.


In the further steps the methods could be standardized and the standard methods could be used worldwide.


The methods to be used can be endless. The biometric passports can also come into the equation and be used for user authentication. Also some unique features can be taken into account. One example is the new Finnish passports that have a Finnish moose walking in the background when you turn pages quickly. Such features can also be used in further advances.


If we can identify and evaluate the flow of blood and its movement in the smallest of its constituent parts. Of course, all these steps should be done from the surface of the skin.


And if this project goes through the U.S General Services Administration to implement and develop, it is a really big opportunity or co-operation system in the world.


I need my own designer group who is able to do it for me, because my hands are not working. I think it should first be drawn step by step, and then I'll show my innovative project idea to an expert and, if he/she can give me an opinion or approval and then I can get small donations and grants.


If I can also get team programming for prototyping and preparation for the realization of my project idea, implementation and professional development to reach advanced stages.


For example, I am in need of a programming team that can facilitate prototyping and pre-qualifying for the implementation and development of the project.


Assistance is needed for realization, enforcement and development of the project's opportunities.



I have tried many times to get some donations, grant and funding in Finland or the Finnish funds, but it is difficult to apply on my own. It would be good to first establish a small group and then the group could apply for funding. As an individual it is difficult to gain confidence.


I think that we can do something to comprehensively partners with special education training organizations and FPD housing sector units, can help a lot in starting or launching the project process, including research, design and implementation, and development of, and we get more innovation and inventions in this project, which will rapidly concretely style.


Or in cooperation with the ict part of the infrastructure building related to the it sections.


In fact, the first thing I need is a project leader for developing my accessibility and authentication project so that it can be presented to potential acquirers.


In reality I am alone with these innovative project business ideas and just because I am alone in this project and I have a disability nobody seems to believe that I can get involved with it.


I'm looking for some small donations, grants, scholarships, subsidies, stipends, financing and funding for my project business ideas for realization, enforcement and development of the project opportunities. because I have cerebral palsy disabled person and it is difficult for me to take forward them.


Did you know that I have a really big problem that people do not believe me. just because I have a disability and alone in this project.



Haluaisin tietää että mitä sinun mielestäsi tässä projektissa voidaan lähteä hoitamaan, parantamaan ja kehittämään näissä asioissa tai tapauksissa.

Miksi käytämme salasanoja ja PIN-koodeja joka paikassa?

Esimerkiksi puhelimen SIM-kortit tai PUK-koodit, Gmailin ja sosiaalisen median tunnisteet ja ovien lukot. Miksi käytämme henkilökortteja, ajokortteja, passeja, pankkikortin tunnuslukuja tai turvalukituskortteja, bussi- ja taksikortteja, kirjastokortin PIN-koodia ja vahvistuskoodeja, kun numeroa voisi vaihtaa älypuhelimessa. Miksi luemme joka päivä lehdistä tai näemme uutisista, että maailmassa on tapahtunut paljon taloudellisia rikkomuksia ja verkkohyökkäyksiä, tai miksi aikuiset ja alaikäiset pystyvät katsomaan pornoa internetin kautta ilman valvojaa?


Or for example, why here in Finland our practical nurses and nurses are allowed to use morphine and various medications for themselves and their families without borders.

Miksi aikuiset ihmiset pystyvät juomaan alkoholia ilman rajoituksia, tai miksi lääkäri arvioi paljonko he voivat nauttia sitä?

Miksi käytämme henkilöllisyystodistuksia maan sisällä?

Miksi käytämme muistikortteja, muistitikkuja ja ulkoisia- ja sisäisiä kiintolevyjä puhelimissa ja tietokoneissa?

Miksi kauhuelokuvia, pornovideoita tai pelottavia ja kamalia kuvia ei pystytä todentamaan, tunnistamaan ja arvioimaan kuka saa niitä katsoa.

Miksi ulkomaalaiset joutuvat käyttämään oleskelulupakorttia maan sisällä, kun jokaisen voi tunnistaa pelkästä sormenjäljestä, joka heiltä on otettu maahan tullessaan?

Nämä kaikki voi hoitaa salasanojen ja pin-koodien sijaan esimerkiksi sormenjäljellä 2-5 sekunnissa, kasvoilla (esim. silmät) 3-7 sekunnissa, äänellä (esim. sanoo sosiaaliturvatunnuksen) 5-13 sekunnissa, DNA:lla tai hengityksellä.


Jokainen voisi itse asettaa omat algoritmit ja rytmin, ja sitten algoritmeistä ja rytmin hallintaan, valvomiseen ja tunnistautumiseen, joka prosessin kohdassa yksityisalueisiin liittyviin eri käyttäjä tasoihin. Tämän projektin on tarkoitus auttaa tulevaisuudessa. Me toimimme, joka ihmisen kanssa ottaemme huomioon heidän tarpeensa, statuksensa, työnsä, tilansa ja itsenäisen tutkimuksen käsityksen. Me otamme itsemme eteenpäin pyöreissä palveluissa ja myös standardien mukaisissa säännöissä maailmalla. tulemmeko ymmärtämään ja kehittymään meidän omansa.


We could each set up their own algorithm and also the rhythm, and then one of the algorithm and rhythm for management, monitoring and identification each part of the process of the private sector related to different levels of users in mind is that this project will help for the future.

We work with any person in accordance with the terms of their status, position, situation and individual research process, we take ourselves forward circular services ourselves and in accordance with the standards and rules in the world are we going to realize and develop their own.



In my opinion; if we can for definition, design and set up something like the world's most secure and most reliable the new programming language in accordance with human stem cells for the Fassment project, it would be very awesome.


Lomakkeen yläreuna


Nämä ovat ajatukseni ja mielipiteeni.


Tavoitteena olisi, että seuraavana vuonna Fassment toimisi koko Helsingin alueella verkkoyhteyttä tai Wi-Fi:ä käyttämällä.

Fassment haluaisi tehdä jotain kattavasti yhteistyökumppaneiden Ficoran ja ICANN kanssa ja kaikissa .FI verkko-osoitteissa kirjautuminen, ostaminen, maksaminen ja salasanojen tunnistautuminen tapahtuisi suoraan Fassmentin kautta.

Fassment haluaisi perustaa ja käynnistää oman käyttöoikeuskeskuksen, sekä tutkimusosaston Suomessa.

Työntekijät pystyisivät tarkistamaan tai saamaan verokortit suoraan Fassmentin kautta ja esittää ne suoraan työnantajalle.


Welcome to Fassment the international forensic internal network and comprehensive management on the various level entrances in internet access for government, legal, financial, social media communications and private sectors. We will define, design and set up a new access system in accordance with the one standard in the world.


One thought.

One standard.

One domain.

One innovation.

One Fassment.


Your authentication, Your Fassment..!


The domain Fassment dot com Is my business idea rights and intellectual property rights.
If I remember well, I have started sometime in 2010-2011 Ismo Parviainen and Anne Aaltonen with them and they are then working with the Finnish national police board

Welcome to Fassment AG international forensic password government and managing and monitoring of all aspects of security on entries for all smart devices.


Welcome to Fassment international forensic establish. We set up the programming language and smart encryption security on any applications for all fingertips and authentication assertiveness centre.


In my opinion; if we can found something like the world's most secure and most reliable new programming language for this project, it would be very awesome.


We offer Finnish citizens the most secure, reliable, and convenient personal email services.


Rest tonight and go to sleep,
We have everything under control tomorrow.
-Fassment AG


And these are our office websites in the round Nordic countries and Switzerland

For example, the top-level domain .ch/ dot ch is our website office in Switzerland in the future.

We are in your location in accordance with your country top level domain in the future.

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This is Fassment preliminary analysis of the direct link:

This is the English version of Fassment project report, Lauri Svan: Head of Technology at SC5 Online.…/english-version-fassment-project…

This is Fassment project report, sakari arvela; criminal engineer, chip and verification systems in the National Bureau of Investigation, Forensic laboratori. but it’s a finnish language.…/tm-on-fassment-projektiraportti…

And here is the eye are based authentication system. I see this as the best option:…/finnish-eyes-authentication-syst…

And this is for the fundraising we set up a facebook group:

and then this is our intelligent lobbying departments - the idea of a link



If it all goes well then, we can say that for example; For the international private sector customers and users. Our registration system goes only through your local police department and register offices. When applying for the biometrics passport and identity card we will be offering a digital forensic application/ form. This will be valid for 3 to 5 years and is completely free.



If you have any questions for more information about my medical reports, If you are interested to know the situation of my life. And if you can assist to business ideas for realization, enforcement and development please contact with me, speaking is difficult for me, so rather contact me by email or text message.




Wish is big, dream is big, goal is big and high but I don't know that why my pocket is so small or my financial situation is very bad do you know why it goes the direction to here but anyway I think it's unfair that do not create any cooperation with me and everyone is are in silent.




 Actually I don't know that how I can explain well to you but I try that if it goes well, yeah I need help of you if possible please assist me because I am looking for someone donation, grants and funding for my business idea forrealization, enforcement and development of the business idea.And I would like to know that if you have any resources from someone can assist to business idea it would be good if you could suggest to me because it is difficult for me to take forward alone because I have a cerebral palsy physically disabled person and peopleare really difficult to trust me, really I don't know that what I do you know that my life is so complication for example, I have over 3,000 euros in debt and I do not know how to remove it.

In reality I am alone with these innovative project business ideas and just because I am alone in this project and I have a disability nobody seems to believe that I can get involved with it.

Can you believe that from the time we have moved to Finland, personally I have been facing financial problems and never could I solve it.Since I am handicapped, I am incapable of working and quite disappointing that I couldn't find a good school or a field that I could study.It would be so great if I could achieve my desired goals through education, but it was not possible.Currently, I just receive a pension from the government and manage my life.It is not that much....In fact, I am receiving the normal disability pension.The total amount is around 900-930 Euros and from that 300-380 Euros is for the rental and 100-150 Euros for utilities, each month and 300-340 Euros for food just in the house without going to restaurants.Accordingly, I have always a lack for money.

I bought a laptop 11 years ago with a lot of economic problems, I managed to get to them.

And I've made a really long contract for about 3 years on the installment plan.My benefits are not enough to pay each month euro fifty, because I need your laptop special deal.

And this laptop model is really good and sturdy, because I use my feet to write on the computer and it is well suited to me.

And I think it's really good that my laptop warranty period is about 3 years long.

But in any case the life is continues to continue for me and thank you very much if you can assist to this situation as soon as possible quickly. 




 I am so sorry if my English language skills is very bad or weak.



Best regards 
Ali Alizadeh.

Phone: +358-40-154 3005
Skype: AlizadehFI